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Are Tejano fans, artists, and media done with award shows?

For the past 35 years, Tejano award shows have been the highlight of the year in which artists and fans look forward to attending every year. Every Tejano and Conjunto artist dream of sharing the stage and winning an award at some point in their career. Tejano media have become a big part of the events to where they get to meet and greet with artists, and showcase their interviews for their listeners who cannot attend the events. The media also serves as another outlet for promoting the event, whether through Facebook Live or other social media. But the past few years, the media has become less interested in attending or promoting the event. Same can be said for Tejano artists who feel overlooked and unappreciated in their craft. This can be due to the lack of support and promotions from the awards organization.

Through the past few years, many Tejano media affiliates have been wanting change, but no answer. The production has been getting smaller. They have had events in the Alamodome, to the Lila Cockrell Theater, to now what has said to be an old KMart building. They use to broadcast the events on television. You could even buy the VHS tapes and cassettes and other souvenirs. Now, you can only watch them on YouTube.

Many media affiliates have been upset at the event for lack of respect and appreciation for their continuous support and free promotions every year. Many affiliates include, Online radio stations, magazines, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, television, FM stations, promoters and sponsors. The backstage areas use to be filled with media conducting interviews and promoting the event. There has been a lack of respect from the award staff the past few years. Many express their feelings that the staff conduct themselves very unprofessionally, and have a lack of knowledge of upcoming artists and media in the industry. Many volunteer their time for the award shows, and fan expos. Many travel hundreds or thousands of miles to attend. Even come from other countries to show their appreciation. They pay their own travel expenses, whether airplane or driving, plus bringing equipment, bands, and staff. Then paying their own hotel rooms, which are pretty much filled within the 410 loop of San Antonio. The media submit an application for "media badges" to the events. But, as you go to use them, all of a sudden hidden rules are made to their benefit, you're required to have a wristband. What's the purpose of having a badge? What's next? A hand stamp, sandwich board, reflector vest, or hard hat? The media even gets kicked out of the meet and greet autograph area, which is held next to the port-a-cans. They feel like the media that gets kicked out of a Trump rally. The staff don't acknowledge their presence, or even come out to give a simple "Thank you" for coming out and promoting their event. Many feel they get treated unfairly and all the recognition goes to one Internet station in particular out of Houston. Many put in the same work year round with promotions, constant shows, live streaming and talented on-air personalities. Why should other media affiliates be treated any different? Although one of the members of the board is a member of that particular station. But with the stations claims of having over 500,000 listeners, which is more than any FM station and a Queen concert at Live Aid, we can understand why they would be favored in San Antonio and Las Vegas, especially for an 'Internet Radio Station'. And claims of that station being the originator of Tejano Internet Radio, which is also false information. Give credit where credit is due. Give credit to Crazy Chuy Hernandez and Alfred Gordy Rodriguez aka The Boogieman. THEY are the Originators. Why aren't other Tejano Internet stations in San Antonio being recognized? Even now that three years ago the biggest Tejano station and their parent company parted ways and decided to make their own Fan Fair during Spring Break.

The staff won't give the time of day to new artists, unless they are signed to big recording label or legends. During the red carpet events, they don't know some the artists or media names who they invite. Sometimes they have to introduce themselves. Even Tejano artist Missy Garcia was said to have been the youngest artist to be nominated. Which doesn't leave much to say about Mia, or Isabel Marie. A lot of new talent and legends have turned away due to the lack of promotions, support, and unprofessional staff.

Last, is the voting process. The first round votes are from the staff and media. They have guidelines on their website, are not followed to certain extent. Certain artists are not categorized properly. Many artists will be listed on the website for voting but then will be removed without notice. None of these votes are based on record sales, download or streaming sites. That leaves artists and their groups feeling devastated. Especially for a young artist. The public feels there need to be a revision of their rules and guidelines. And with a new staff with a better respect for the music, media, and the fans.

Other award shows have attempted to have success but resulted in leaving everyone confused. Nominations were done through Facebook Messenger. The nominees names were not proofread correctly. It seems that the owner bought the awards just to hand out to his colleagues at the time. Even with a Top 8 countdown, with no station or show, leaves people confused on what they're voting for and why.

Tejano fans, media, and artists are wanting change within the staff first, as they hold the biggest events for the yearly 'Tejano Family Reunion'. They need to fix the problem as everyone looks up to them as the big brother of the industry. Many who have been supporting and backing these shows for many years have decided to stop supporting until these issues are corrected.

What can we do to fix the Tejano industry to have the success we had in the 90s?

We encourage you to leave your comments below. This is how we start to weed out the problems and fix Tejano music. It's time to take a stand. #KeepingTejanoGreat

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