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MCR Countdown Artists Of The Year

As we head into our fifth year of MCR being in existence, we continue to support all artists equally. The countdown has gone through a few changes in the past 5 years, starting as a Top 5. Then to Top 12. Now, to a Top 20 Countdown. Many artists and bands look forward to these countdowns cause it's a chance to showcase their music. The weekly results are left strictly in the hands of the fans who make their voices heard on social media. They log on to the website and cast their votes on a daily basis. There are many countdowns, but this is one of the very few that is left up to the fans to decide. Last year, we took a shot as being the first to play Tejano music videos on social media. Then, we added a poll on our website to vote for their favorite music video. The first and only Tejano station to do such thing. And for the first time in over 20 years, we will be recognizing a winner for Music Video Of The Year. Also, Internet radio On-Air personalities are becoming well known in Tejano radio, but are underrated. They have yet to gain the same respect as the major fm/am stations. Internet program directors work twice as hard. They have to do all the work that it takes 5 people to do in a terrestrial station. So, we feel it's up to us to recognize our fellow peers in the industry. Again, we are the first to do such thing. All we hope is more will follow.

MCR Male Artist Of The Year - Mickey Gutierrez

Mr. Mickey Gutierrez, from Odessa, Tx, is a Rock n Roll fanatic. With a background in rock, he has recently taken a shot in the Tejano direction. Already collaborating with fellow artist Anjelique Alvarez, 'Siempre', it has opened many doors to where Mickey has been invited to collaborate at Tejano events. His latest single, 'Desvelado', has become a fan favorite this year. Collaborating with fellow artist/actor Abel Becerra, they did a great job with the single and music video. Congratulations.

MCR Female Artist Of The Year - Dody Rodriguez

Ms. Rodriguez (Houston, Tx) is quickly becoming a household name in Tejano music. Her new EP has been well received by fellow internet stations across the country. As time goes on, her music is evolving and the fans continue to vote for her. Her hits include, 'Vete Olvidando' and 'Basta con Tus Juegos'. In the years to come, we can picture her becoming a big player in the Tejano scene. Congratulations.

MCR Group Of The Year - Grupo Lumbre

Grupo Lumbre from Houston Tx, has had a very successful year. With the release of their latest album 'Querido Amigo', which is dedicated to Mr. Martin Yanez who passed away in 2017. Then with their latest music video 'Mariposa'. Grupo Lumbre has been a family act for nearly 40 years under the direction of band leader Tony Romo and manager/songwriter Julia Romo. Gilbert Ayala and Christina Romo continue to be the voices of the group with their awesome vocal talents separate and together as a duo. Congratulations.

MCR Music Video Of The Year - Anjelique - 'Amigos'

Ms. Anjelique, from Sweetwater, TX, continues to captivate audiences with her musical style and incredible voice. This is from her latest album 'Proposito'. The music video stars herself along with fellow Tejano artist, Ben Ozuna, who plays her husband. The video is about a couple who get divorced but still co-parent as friends. Of course the video relates to many real life situations. Overall, it's a very good video. The fans continue to vote for. Congratulations.

MCR On-Air Personality Of The Year - Eddie Olivo - Tejano Network

Mr. Eddie Olivo is a former Marine and an avid Tejano Music collector. You can catch his weekly shows on Tejano Network. His love for Tejano goes back to the early 60s. Chicano Music. Much like us, he expresses his feelings for the music and the direction of the industry. Eddie is a little self conscious about the subject. But, he has a great singing voice. He's recorded a few songs with Ray Castillo and Vick Nash. 'Mi Chulita Munquita' is a fan favorite of the radio. Congratulations

MCR Legend Of The Year - Augustin Ramirez

Mr. Augustin Ramirez is a legend in the Tejano industry. His music spans over 50 years and with 80 albums in his catalog. His hits include 'Paloma Dajame Ir', 'Damelo', 'El Camaroncito', 'Sangre De Indio', and many more. He continues to perform nationwide with fellow legends, Freddie Martinez, Sunny Ozuna,and Joe Bravo, with no slowing down anytime soon. Mr. Ramirez has collaborated with Mr. Joe Bravo on their new single 'Nada Contigo', which can be heard here on MCRs rotation. We wish him many more years of music and success. Thank you Mr. Augustin for all the great music. Congratulations.

Congratulations to all and we wish you many more years of success. Thank you for allowing MCR to be a part of your journey. This is the first acknowledgment of many. We hope to do it bigger in 2019. Keep voting and supporting all these artists on all your favorite stations... and Mas Chingon Radio. SUBELEEEEEEE

Juan Mendoza

Lilah Lisa

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